Friday, October 23, 2009

dynamikum in pirmasens

Jason and I had the opportunity to take the little boys out for their own little field trip today. We've wanted to get to the Dynamikum Science Center in Pirmasens for a long time now...we just finally found the right opportunity. We got our directions off the computer (I am our GPS) and headed out late in the morning. The directions didn't quite get us all the way there but Jason found a nice German man who pointed out the way. Next time we'll know to turn left when the road T's as opposed to guessing right!

The museum is very hands-on and interactive and specifically designed for kids. It was a little on the crowded side so going through the different rooms was a little difficult. There were a ton of school-aged kids there (in retrospect, Friday afternoon may not have been the best time to go) and Zander had to really work to get up to some of the exhibits. He did great though.

He seemed to enjoy the pendulum balls. We were stuck at this station for awhile.

We pretty much figured that he would enjoy anything gear-related. This is a kid who loves anything wheel-shaped.

This exhibit was a lot of fun. It looked like the world's largest slinky and it was attached to the handle that Zander is holding. It demonstrated how you could make the "waves" short and fast or long and slow...he just liked shaking the tar out of the thing.

This one showed the kids how a vortex forms. That huge ball was filled with swirly blue liquid. Kids can spin the ball (using the thing that Zander is holding in this picture) and watch the vortex form. I think Izzy enjoyed this one more than Zander did.

While we all had a great time we more than likely will not go back with just Zander. This museum is really meant for the slightly older crowd (5-11 would be a great age range, Zander is a young 3). Sam and Jake would both get a kick and a half out of it but most of the "purpose" of the museum went right over Zander's head. Is that such a big deal? No, but it did cost us 20 Euro for admission. We can take Zander to the park for free and he'd have just as much fun. It did make for a good afternoon out with the kids, though!

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