Saturday, October 10, 2009

ramstein farmer's market

Last Sunday (4 October) Jason and I took the boys and joined some friends for an afternoon at our village's annual "Farmer's Market". We weren't sure what to expect but since there was sure to be some yummy German food involved we figured we couldn't lose. Plus it's only a hop, skip, and a jump away. Literally.

It was more crowded than we had expected but there were a ton of really neat vendors there. Apples, crafts, pottery, animals galore, honey, and so many different food and beer vendors that you couldn't keep track. It smelled really great (well, maybe not near the pigs or the donkeys...but everywhere else!) and the people were pretty polite. The kids really seemed to enjoy seeing the animals. It made for a pleasant afternoon.

We got some absolutely fabulous honey from a local honey farmer, apples from a local orchard, a gorgeous beech cutting board, and a couple little animal carvings. I don't think I've ever had honey that wasn't massed produced. Let me tell you...there is a huge difference. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back! The apples were probably the biggest apples I have ever seen. Honestly, they were amazing. I guess that is the beauty of a local farmer's market, eh? All that wonderful lovely fresh produce. Yum!

Of course, after the shopping we had to reward the patient children with a little something to we got some brats and french fries. The brats are huge, the bread is fresh, and the fries are sprinkled with just a little hint of spice. Soooo yummy.

While we sat at our table eating our brats, one of the local bands came and set up shop right next to us. We were concerned that the kids would be a little overwhelmed by the noise but they all did really well. Jake especially really seemed to enjoy his "dinner with a show".

Just to give you an idea of the size of the apples. It's nearly the size of Izzy's head! They are really good though. We've been slicing them up and sharing them because they are way too big for any of us to sit and eat in one sitting. They are not too sweet but not tart either. I think I may make a pie with what we have left.

This is truly fest and market season right now...anyone in the local area has to be less than 30 minutes from something neat and yummy every weekend this entire month. Unfortunately, Jason has to work most of this weekend (no long weekend here!), so we've been doing stuff around the house today. Good thing I have pictures of our previous adventures to share!

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