Friday, February 5, 2010

101 update, aka "back in the saddle"

Okay! I'm picking up all my discarded reins here. (Is it bad that I just had to double-check that I didn't want to use "reigns" there? Ugh!) Here is a quick update on my Project 101 stats.

013. Ready all bedrooms for the big move. (0/4)
014. Ready living/dining room for the big move.
015. Ready kitchen for the big move.
016. Ready basement for the big move.

In the area of prepping for the move, I am still pink on everything. No red just yet. Boo! I have finished a few areas within these bullets, however. For example, I have gone through all the baby clothes in the basement and I have consolidated all my recipes into one recipe box in the kitchen. Those were both pretty big tasks, so I'm quite proud of myself! I see a lot of headway being made in this area over the next couple of months. I am hoping to have the kitchen and basement done this month.

019. Buy, fill out, address, stamp, and SEND OUT Christmas cards.

Yes, I understand how truly sad this is. I am still going to send them out, though. I never said that the cards had to be sent out before Christmas, so even if they don't go out until June I still consider it a win. Yeah, I might have left that part out on purpose. So what?

054. Read Madeleine L'Engle's "Time" quintet with the boys. (0/5)

The boys got these books for Christmas. We'll start these up soon. Not sure when just yet.

059. Finish last 3 classes to complete AA. (1/3)

This is a small source of frustration for me. I enrolled in two classes last term, with the understanding that it would leave me one class short of my AA. The plan was to then CLEP that class before we left here. Unfortunately, the school screwed up. Halfway through the term (when it was really too late to drop the class without a penalty and long after I could have transferred over to a more fitting class), I was told that my writing course did not count toward my AA degree plan. When I first enrolled I was told differently. I can use it later, so it's not a complete loss, but it certainly derailed my short term plans. Oh well. I'll just finish the AA up when we get to our next duty station.

060. Find school for BA/BS. Apply and start.

I haven't marked this one yet, but I have started looking for a school at our next possible duty stations. (More on that later.) I have been relatively successful in finding programs near each location, which both surprises and delights me.

061. Leave the house at least 3 times a week for 4 weeks. (Yard/walks with kids don’t count.) (12/12)
062. Talk to one stranger a day for a week. (7/7)

I was going to give these a post of their own, but I changed my mind. If you don't know me (well) in real life you might wonder what on earth those two are doing on a list like this. I have an anxiety disorder which I have struggled with for years. Germany has been really rough on me at times because of it. I have to make a concerted effort to leave the house...otherwise I will just stay at home. Putting it on the list was my way of trying to bring the issue up into my every day thoughts. Last summer Jason and I went to the BX one day and he brought it to my attention that I hadn't left our house/yard in over two weeks. That made me realize that I spend a lot of time making excuses in my head as to why I don't need to leave the house when the real underlying reason is my anxiety.

076. Go 30 days with no fast food. (To include pizza that is not homemade!) (12/30) 1.24.10

I am in the midst of this now. It's actually not bad, although we are missing the weekly family pizza night. Next week we are going to start trying to make homemade pizza (including the crust!) on Friday nights.

082. Complete 365 photo project. Document via separate blog.

I am getting this back up and running soon. I may make some changes to it, though. Certainly the blog will have a new official "start date."

093. Get an iPod (or equivalent). Load at least 100 songs that I like into it. (1/100)

Jason got me an iPod for my birthday, so I'm starting to load up the songs. The first one is a Black-Eyed Peas song. I don't ordinarily go for Black-Eyed Peas (I absolutely loathe the Lady Lumps song) but Zander, Izzy, and I love the "Feels Like a Good Night" song. It is so much fun to "dance" with them to it.

And there you have it. The CalmCrazy 101 January Wrap-up. In February. Oops!

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  1. Oh my goodness... that is one heck of a to do list! Looks like ou are making some headway on a lot of it! WE love homeade pizza at our house, though it is not by choice, rather conveinence. No one delivers to us!



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