Monday, March 1, 2010

What I Should be Doing

I am here right now in order to avoid writing what I should be writing. I know that. I accept that. I need to change that.

I joined (is that the right word?) a writing group. I went to my first meeting last week and it was so neat. I've never been in a writing group before so I had absolutely zero idea what to expect. Listening to a group of women talk about something that I love to do, something that we all have in common, was wonderful! I even contributed to the conversation a little which is sort of a big deal for me. I was so nervous, but am so glad that I went.

I volunteered to go next and committed to writing part of a story that I've been thinking about for a long, long time. I'm not going to detail it here but the idea came from a conversation that I had with my grandma a couple years before she passed away. Until this week it has been just a thought. I had not written a single word about it. So far this week I have hammered out the themes and started on the plot. I'm still working on the characters a bit...they don't even have names yet. (No, really. They were just assigned a gender today.) My goal is to have 10 pages done by this weekend. Right now I'm not sure if they will be beginning pages or somewhere-in-the-middle pages, but 10 is the magic number. It's not many, but I'm still trying to figure out some of the major plot points.

To say that I am nervous about turning this stuff in is an understatement of the nth degree. I'm so afraid that I'm not up to the task of writing out these characters' stories! I have great faith in the story; not so much in the storyteller. I'm going to have to get over that, though. Even if I don't get it right the first time, it's my story! I can redo it as many times as I need to in order to get it right.

I just have to get started!


  1. If you write REALLY big, it'll fill up the 10 pages a lot quicker! lol I'm glad you found a group to join about writing. I have tons of stories but my storytelling leaves a lot to be desired. *le sigh* I will start small and write a story for the hard can that be? I've already got an idea for Stephanie's. Just have to sit down and hammer it out. Good luck with your story...I've got no doubts that you can do it. Now get off of the Internet and get crackin'!

  2. Ha ha...Yeah, I'll just pick the biggest font ever. If I can fit one word to each page I should be good to go. Even I can come up with 10 words, right? Right?! ;)

  3. I look forward to reading it! And, go for words and pages, not quality the first (or second or third) go around! :)

    Good luck!!



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