Monday, November 22, 2010

When Fear Becomes Joy

Sometimes life sets us down into the middle of a situation that is so utterly and completely new that we have no idea how to react. And then? Life leaves us there.

Ever exhilarating, but frequently frightening, this is not always a welcome experience.

Blessed are those with willing and able friends and family to lift them up and help them through the fear. These experiences are not as intimidating with our loved ones by our side.

Enveloped in their love and support, we begin to think that we can stand on our own feet again.

And so we do; perhaps with a bit of apprehension at first, but still. We do it.

Our confidence bolstered, we begin to explore our new surroundings.

We begin to see that perhaps things aren't as bad as we'd once thought.

What was once new and scary is now fresh and exciting.

Fun, in fact.

We stretch ourselves into our new surroundings, eager to learn what else might be found.

We live fully.

And hopefully we learn to forge through life, looking for more adventures.

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