Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekend Plans Derailed (Ha ha!)

I started out the month with an outlined blogging plan. (No, really. I scribbled them into a little calendar and everything!) This weekend you were supposed to see a post about our Friday night tradition (pizza) with a holiday twist; I was also supposed to post some pictures of a couple of our paper craft holiday traditions. Instead, we did a lot of family activities and I posted about my weight loss. I'm so glad I did! The comments made me feel fabulous and I wanted you all to know that first thing. Thank you so much! Signing in and seeing all those comments in my e-mail is at the very top of my Favorite Blogging Moments List. (A list that I made up just now, this very minute, but y'all are on the TOP of it so who cares, right?!)

Jason is getting ready to start his new schedule and that is going to leave me with some great blogging time during the week. This is the positive spin, you understand. In other words, he'll be working a shift that has him out of the house during the times when it's usually just the two of us. It's a regular schedule, though; I am determined to look at this optimistically! Regardless, I am certain that I will get to those previously scheduled posts at some point.

The highlight of our weekend was taking the boys to the Nevada City Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum for the annual Christmas event. (De-railed. Get it? Ha ha ha! Ahem. Sorry.) This was our first trip to the museum, but we will definitely be back. It was crowded with people wanting to meet Santa so we didn't get to poke around as much as we would have liked! One of the volunteers told us that one of the trains here (not sure which one!) was used in a John Wayne movie. Jason and I probably found that more interesting than the boys did, but hey! They were pretty stoked about getting to climb on the tracks outside, so nobody was complaining.

This is Zander's fifth Christmas; it's the first year he's willingly approached the Santa. This is Izzy's third Christmas and, let me tell you, he was not thrilled with the Big Guy. I don't think we would have gotten a picture of Izzy with Santa at all this year if I wasn't making it a point to be photographed nowadays. Bonus: I even kind of like the picture. Go figure.

How about you? Did your weekend go as planned? Or, like mine, was it better?


  1. Oh that's just neat! How small is this great big world? :)

  2. I love the scheduled blog post. I try to write mine ahead of time but I'm a little behind right now. It would appear that I'll have plenty of time to catch up though!

    I promise to not tell the kids! That's how our planned weekends usually go. lol



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