Thursday, March 3, 2011

Technologically-Challenged Me

When Jason and I left for Germany in 2003, we were new cell phone users. I don't know exactly when cell phones started to become popular, but I'm pretty sure that we came into the trend a little late. In fact, when we arrived in Germany, I dragged my feet about getting one. (For a blogger, I'm not particularly fond of technology.) We did, but we had a prepaid phone the entire time we were there. I had the same cell phone from 2003 until we left last year; you can safely assume that getting a new one was a tad bit frightening for me.

It's crazy how much stuff you can do on your phones these days. My phone takes pictures and video (I haven't figured out the video, but I know it does it), plays music and games, surfs the web, texts, and probably a ton of other stuff that I will never use because it scares me just a little bit. I still haven't set up my voice mail and, from what I understand, that is pretty simple.

Second only to my love for the squashing bugs game I play (soooo therapeutic!), my very favorite phone feature is the ability to save all my phone numbers on that little chip thing. Now, when I switch phones--which I will, because I don't really like mine--I won't have to reprogram my phone with the phone numbers of everyone I hold near and dear; I just have to put that little chip in. I love how easy that sounds! And it's handy--because it turns out that I don't know that many numbers!

As part of her birthday present to me, A Little Crazy and a Lot of Love's Katie (who also has a fabulous photography blog) asked me how many telephone numbers I have memorized. I can honestly say that I really hadn't given it much thought until she brought it to my attention. Do you know that the answer is two?! I know my mom's number and Jason's mom's number by heart. The number would be three, but my grandpa's number changed last year (after 40+ years of having the same number!) so it's just two. I remember when I used to have dozens of numbers memorized--okay, so I was 16. It still counts.

How old is your cell phone? What is your favorite feature? And how many numbers do you have memorized?


  1. Yep, crazy huh? I am also a bit technology challenged. I have an ipod I don'y use, my phone is newer (ish) and I can check my email and FB with it, but that is all I do. I don't download ringtones, my phone is on forever buzz. Just last November it was a year that we had internet at home! I always just used it at work.

    ps- I will respond to all of your emails later on, I am actually going! to! work! today! :)

  2. My phone is a little over 2 years old. I'm in the market for a new one but can't decide between a Droid and the iPhone. I think I only have 2 numbers memorized. Mine and The Hubble's. NO! 3...The Hubble's parent's home number. Other than that, it's to the cell phone book for me. What has happened to us???



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