Monday, June 27, 2011

Tad-a-poles and Fwogs

If you've "liked" the Calm Crazy Facebook page (yes, shameless plug) then you already know that we've been caring for some tadpoles here at the house. Sam, our 14-year-old, brought some up from the creek a little over a week ago and the little kids went completely ga-ga over them. We've had near constant talk of "tad-a-poles" and "fwogs" ever since. I never knew how much fun a project like this could be; I have to admit to being completely charmed by the whole thing.

The tadpoles' habitat used to be in a much smaller tupperware container but we found this great plastic container while we were cleaning out our closet this weekend--you know, in preparation for 'The Big Move Part Zwei'. Last night Sam ran down to the creek to get more 'crick muck' (I type out 'creek' here on the old blog but the Hoosier in me thinks 'crick' every single time) and then we dumped our five original tad-a-poles into the new and improved version.

At one point during the evening I managed to get Zander and Izzy to sit still long enough to take a little video of them talking about the whole thing. Right before the start of the video I told them to tell me what they were looking at, but the rest is pretty much all them. The video is pretty cute (obviously I'm a bit biased) and just over a minute long. But really. I dare you to watch this thing and not smile.

I think I've thanked Sam about 50 times for coming up with this idea. It probably would never have occurred to me that these two would enjoy it this much. And, I have to say, Jason and I like it too. There are all kinds of little bugs and things in that water. It's really neat to watch. We've got our own little ecosystem in that box.

Have you ever raised tadpoles? What kinds of science projects have you done with your kids?


  1. Adorable! Thanks so much for sharing, it was nice to hear your voice too

  2. Very cool idea.  Nope, never raised tadpoles myself.  We have fish in an aquarium and cats and dogs... that's enough animals for me.  :-)

  3. Melanie_lawson81July 1, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    your not bias they are cute 



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