Friday, July 13, 2012

101/1001 Finale

How about a 101 in 1,001 update?

(Why, hello!  Fancy seeing you here!)

Tuesday (10 July 2012) marked the end of my 1,001 days.  I have to went fast.  I didn't finish near the amount I thought I would (only 39%--ouch!).  I would like to point out, however, that we had an unexpected move from California to Germany which took place roughly 12 months after we moved from Germany to California.  The planning for those two moves (one of which required us to leave the military) took a huge chunk out of my 1,001 days!

Some of the things I did accomplish:

#7: Money to charity for foreign children.  I now regularly donate money to Reece's Rainbow.  (I've mentioned this charity a few times on this blog--and I try to advocate for them once a month on my personal FB page.  I also keep a link to their site here on my blog.  Do I make a huge difference?  No.  But I do what I can.)

#11:  Family Recipe Book.  "Accomplished" is a strong word; we are in the midst of doing this now.  We are trying new recipes, tinkering with old ones, and finalizing everything just exactly how we like them.  The whole family is really enjoying the process.

#36: Paris!  (Um...apparently I never did a Paris post?  That links to the one and only photo I posted onto the blog from that trip.  Yikes!)

#96: Grow hair past shoulders again.  I grew it all the way to the small of my back--and then I chopped 20 inches off and donated it to Locks of Love.  I didn't realize I had enough to make TWO donations--yes, that made me ridiculously happy!

Some things I did NOT accomplish:

#1: Gift $20 to 5 random people.  I don't know why I never did this.  I think it's because it was one that was so 'easy' that I just kept putting it off.  I still want to do this one!

#25: Update will.  *hangs head in shame*

#43: Family photo.  Oh, I don't even know what to say here.  It's awful.  Our last (aka, "only") family photo was done in 2002.  We've had two kids since then.  Yikes!

#63: Stop cussing for a week.  I'm sorry, y'all.  This just isn't ever going to happen.  I've made my peace with it.

#99: Enter and "win" NaNoWriMo.  I did attempt this and, while I did not technically "win", I learned so much about myself in the process that I didn't feel like it was necessary to attempt again.  It was a great experience for me and I highly recommend it to others with an interest in writing.

So there you have it.  The end of my 101 in 1,001 project.  (See here if you really want to look at my whole list.)  I could have done better; I could have done worse!  I don't plan to do it again but I am working on a 'Bucket List'.  I kind of like having a for-real written list of big goals and dreams!

Do you have your goals and dreams written down?  How do you stay focused on the things you want to do?  What is on your 'Bucket List'?


  1. so so so so so excited to see your post pop up in my reader. I miss you friend!!

  2. You're back! I have to say, 39% actually sounds like you did a good job to me, as most of my projects never see the light of day it seems. 

    I have an old list of things I want to do before I die tucked into my recipe index card file. I wrote it back before it was called a bucket list, what, 5 years ago now? So much of it seems so impossible now. But goals and dreams (or lack thereof) are something I'm struggling with right now, I feel like I've lost myself along the way somewhere... so I'm probably not the one you want to hear from about staying focused on those things. 



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