Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween 2009

Today was our seventh (and final!) Halloween in Germany. The boys had a fabulous time. This may be Sam's final year of trick-or-treating. He saw several of his friends tonight--not a single one in costume. He was a little embarrassed. Jake was a Redskins player...again. I think this is year number four. The first year he wore it several people gave him extra candy for the costume and he's been hooked ever since. (He doesn't realize that it is pity candy...says his Colts-fan Hoosier-born mom.) Thankfully he will be too big for it next year. Zander was a bat again this year and Izzy wore Zander's hand-me-down monkey costume. (Those things are expensive! You have to use them more than once!)

Happy Halloween to your house from ours! Hope you have a very spooktacular day!

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