Monday, November 2, 2009

day two...still going strong

I'm hoping that the blog doesn't turn into a daily rehashing of "this is how many words I wrote today"...but for now I feel the need to come and celebrate. I actually went over my scheduled words today! Not by a whole lot, but by a little. I'm so excited!

What I would really love to do would be to get on a serious writing jag and get a day or two ahead of schedule. At the same time, the idea makes me a little leery...I'm one who does better just barely skirting through a deadline. The pressure keeps me motivated. I'm afraid that I would slack off if I gave myself too much extra room. I'm not at that place anyway so I suppose it's a moot point right now.

In other news, Jason made it to San Antonio. During our conversation he actually said to me that he hopes we don't get Hawaii next because he can't fathom having to fly all that way with four kids. I had to laugh because (as I stated in my last post) I had that very same thought more than once yesterday. Sometimes we think so much alike that it's scary. (But then, really. Who wouldn't have thought about it?!) Of course, if it happens we will be fine. But I'm not real enthusiastic about the possibility! We should know if it's even a possibility in the next couple of days. We're just waiting for the first batch of assignment openings to drop.

Anyway. I'm sure I will pay for saying this but it's more calm than crazy around these parts right now. Things are going well!

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