Saturday, November 21, 2009

the little things

We are frequently asked what we miss most about being away from the states. Some of the big answers are a given, I think. All things related to the extended family come first, of course. Having a 6+ hour time difference between us and everyone else in the world we love rather bites. Phone calls are a pain, to be certain. We also miss being able to drive to wherever everybody is. That darn Atlantic Ocean makes the transportation of six people a little difficult.

But aside from that our answers would probably surprise you. We miss light switches and doorknobs. We miss ice in our drinks when we go out to eat. We miss being able to go to the hardware store in our ratty painting clothes without causing a near international incident. We miss fishing without a license. We miss big parking spaces, stores that are open 24 hours, Arby's curly fries, and Wendy's. The little things.

When Jason left to go to San Antonio he asked me what I wanted him to bring back. Christmas is coming up and our anniversary was this week. I could have probably asked for just about anything but I could only think of one thing.

Have I mentioned lately how awesome my husband is? I love him. And it really is the little things. You know?


  1. I was expecting to see a wendy cheeseburger but yeah that works too :)

  2. LOL...I think these travel better. ;)



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