Friday, December 18, 2009

snow days

Finally! We were hopeful that there would be a lot of snow this year and we're right in the middle of a good spell right now. The last couple of years have been very "green". I think the last real good year for snow was 2004/2005...we got oodles of snow that year! We're not exactly looking at "oodles" just yet, but we're getting a pretty steady snowfall all the same.

I'm really not sure how I managed to get this picture. I try to snap a couple of the kids just prior to anything that requires them all running around and screaming like maniacs. They are used to it and, for the most part, are very good sports about it...but this is SNOW. The FIRST SNOW. And, man...they just wanted to play. Regardless, I still got three out of four sets of eyes on me. I'll take it.

I honestly can't remember what Sam was doing here. He was obviously having a really great time, though. That is the most authentic smile I have captured on this kid's face in a very long time!

The boys had a snowball fight, of course! Here's Jake giving me what I have been calling his "I'm highly tolerant but you have exactly 12 seconds to snap that picture before I run off" face. Don't ask about the hat. He's going through some kind of lumberjack phase.

Zander spent his entire afternoon outside eating snow. He just picked it up by the handful and munched away. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised--that's the same thing he did last year too. This is one of the very few pictures we got of him doing anything else--and I think he's probably just on his way to the next buffet location.

We managed to get Izzy out into some snow once last year. He was dressed in his little snowsuit and sat in it for a few seconds (he wasn't sitting too well yet) but that was pretty much it. He was only two or three months old at the time so I'm guessing everyone understands. This year he had a blast. He walked around in it and squealed and picked it up and ate it and just had a really great time. I love this picture--you can tell he's freezing but you can also see how much fun he's having. He was so cute out there!

(Yes, that is a black eye. More on that in another post.)

We are loving the snowy weather! We're determined to appreciate it since we may not be in a place to see it next year. Well, Jason and I are. I don't think the boys need any reason to love the snow!

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