Friday, December 18, 2009

some links you may enjoy

While I upload pictures to Flickr and plan out the next two weeks of fun with the kiddos, I thought I would put up a list of links that I've recently run across. Well, most of them recently. Please read the comments before clicking on the links as some readers may not like all the links provided!

This is a great site that my grandma e-mailed me a few years ago. You get to make your own snowflake and set it out into the world with a holiday greeting of your choice. It's a lot of fun and very kid-friendly. Try it out!

1000 Awesome Things
I love this site. The blog author is setting out to write 1000 posts about (you guessed it) 1000 awesome things.

FOUND Magazine
Some of the entries are funny. Some are just, well, weird. Probably not a site that everyone will like but I find it amusing.

Facebook was kind enough to let me know that one of my cousins is a fan of this site. I clicked over to see what it is (because I can be vaguely stalkerish at times, I guess) and I love the idea! Knitted graffiti! Awesome!
This is similar to the FOUND Magazine except that the entries are mostly sent in by the recipient of the notes. The notes range from neighbors complaining about "night-time noise" (ahem) to pointless notes left on pinball machines in an employee break room. There are some funny ones in there.
This one might offend, so if you don't like cussing or humor that is very non-PC you should just skip this one. I think it is a riot. The blog author responds to classified ads he (I'm assuming) finds with absolutely outrageous results. Some of the posts are better than others; I highly recommend reading the best of list that is on the site. Too funny!


  1. when I was stuck in the snow these were fun to look at!

  2. I'm happy to help out wherever I can! lol Stay inside Danny! No more getting stuck in the snow.



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