Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am now a Twit...ter...er (?)

I need a serious "For Dummies" book on it, but I have joined the land of Twitter. At the moment you can access it via the bar up top, or in the sidebar. I'm not sure which will stick but feel free to add me to your account. Or join me in making an idiot of myself. Whatever.


  1. Twitter is fun. But it is a lot to keep up with. All these social networking sites are making me crazy! LOL

  2. You aren't kidding. I have trouble getting stuff done as it is. Maybe Twitter was a bad idea. lol

  3. I will be a follower! You will get the hang of it - promise! It does take a little time though. I spent a couple of couple hour stretches just trying to "get it." Feel free to reach out for help.

  4. I tried following you on the link you posted, but couldn't find your profile. I'm not terribly practiced or savvy on Twitter either!



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