Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life Lessons

A brief note of recent lessons learned:

  • When the stay-at-home parent is really sick the work-outside-the-home parent should take great care to clean up after themselves. You know, in case the stay-at-home parent should fall asleep on the couch while the three-year-old is running loose around the house. (Not that this would ever happen, of course. Ahem.) The work-outside-the-home parent should pay special attention to putting the following items where they belong: salt, pepper, Kool-aid mix, and Ovaltine.
  • Baby kisses and yucky colds do not mix very well. Especially when the baby in question likes to kiss on the mouth.
  • When one sharpens a pencil, one should be very careful to put said pencil in a safe location. "Safe location" does not equal the couch. Of further note, a sharpened pencil can indeed go through thick sweat pants, underwear, every layer of skin, and quite a ways into the fat of one's booty.
  • Transformer band-aids make kids think you are awesome. Having a Transformer band-aid on your toosh makes kids think you are hysterical.

How about you? Have you learned anything important lately?


  1. ...and laughter is healing. I hope that you get to feeling better soon!

  2. HAHA

    today I learned that when a toddler is running up to you going 102389471 miles an hour cause he is super excited to JUMP into your arms... don't bend and present your nose to his forehead... it hurts and it bleeds. Baaaad.

  3. Oh no, Cass! That just sound painful. :(



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