Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1000 Posts

That is the limit of how many blog entries that Google Reader will count before adding the "+" to the end of the number. Oh, come on! You know you wanted to know.

It's been a hectic couple of weeks. Jason was on leave, there was much movement on the assignment front (although we STILL don't know where we're going), and we did a TON of stuff around the house. I'm trying to get back in here. I just have to get caught up first.

How's everyone been? I'll be checking in with some of you in a bit...comments coming your way!


  1. I hear ya. I can't believe you still don't know! Gah!! Mind boggling!

  2. I hear ya. My bloglines was over 4,000 when I dragged myself out of tax season. Right now it is at 3,927... I'm not sure I'm making much headway!!



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