Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear So and So The I'm-too-tired-to-title-it Edition

Dear So and So...

Dear Idiot who is supposed to file TDY pay vouchers,

Dude. The TDY was in JANUARY. We still haven't been paid for it and have had to pay the bill for that TDY and the one from last month out of pocket. What the hell, my friend?! Get your ass in gear and file the paperwork properly. Sheesh!

Wanting to do fun stuff for spring break,

The wife of the guy who you are making pretty mad


Dear Air Force,

Thank you for moving the assignment release date up to next week. I'm not sure I could have survived the extra two weeks of suspense. Now please continue on your nice streak and send us some good base selections...and the TDY pay from above wouldn't hurt too.




Dear Zander,

Thank you for the laughs, honey. You do know how to provide the comic relief to my day. Take this exchange, for example:

Asked as I round the corner of the stairs and spy markings on the wall: Zander? What is this?

Zander, very matter-of-factly: It's a circle.

Me, realizing that I could have asked a better question: Well, yes. Yes it is.

Amused despite myself,



Dear Readers,

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  1. Mom_In_High_HeelsApril 9, 2010 at 6:08 PM

    OMG, getting TDY pay is the worst! Mr. HH had to fly to DC last year for...something for 21 days and they wanted us to pay up front and get reimbursed. The hotel bill alone was going to be almost $5K. Mr. HH told them if they couldn't advance him the money he wasn't going. He's going to Poland soon and told them the same thing. Money up front or he's not going. We got the money 2 days later, though they will still owe us on the back end. That will probably take forever. Stupid military. If they owe you money, they take their sweet time, but if by some chance you owe them, they take it ASAP.

  2. I love that... it's a circle. As in duh... what else would it be? Kids crack me up!! :-)

  3. They are rather awesome, aren't they? Not-so-cheap entertainment. lol

  4. Our list came out 13 April. It wasn't good. lol We're still trying some things and should find out shortly.

  5. I know! And would you believe that we *still* have not gotten our pay, even though it has been another 2 weeks? And to add insult to injury, we haven't been paid for the 2nd TDY either. Argh!

  6. Good luck!!! I hope it works out for you.



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