Monday, May 24, 2010

Lest You Think We're Pouting...

Has it really been three weeks?! Oh my!

We are up to our ears in prepping for the move. We've been going through rooms, organizing the basement, selling seven years worth of accumulated junk, and trying to get the ball rolling on our paperwork. We FINALLY got the start of the paperwork yesterday and it should all be turned in sometime today; hopefully that means that we will have some timeline ideas soon. Fingers crossed!

Now on to the "real" post!


It occurs to me that my last post was not chock-full of excitement in reference to our impending location. We've had a bunch of friends and family try to console us about the area (and many more try to scare us to death--thanks, guys!), but it's not the area itself that was the problem. Northern California, while not a place I have ever imagined myself living (much like Germany, I might add), looks like it is going to be a lot of fun! We're very excited about seeing an unexplored (by us) area of the country; we've heard great things about the "things to do" aspect of living there. So no worries. It's not the location; it's just the job we're not thrilled with.

We've been living here for nearly seven years now and Jason has been "stuck" in a certain work situation for the entire time. (His duty title has changed a couple of times--hell, he's at a different squadron now!--but he gets sucked into back-filling for another office. A lot.) Jason works in a career field that has several different possibilities when it comes to day-to-day positions. By that I mean that his every day work can vary greatly depending on the base/squadron to which he's assigned. We were really, really hoping to get him into a different sort of job than the one he does here for the simple fact that the schedule here sucks and we're just really done with it.

I can hear some of you now. "What's the big deal? He's pretty safe from deployment there. You know where he is and he comes home to you every night. How bad can it be?" (And now I hear some more of you, "WHAT?! Safe from deployment?!!!" The short answer is yes...sort of. The real answer is a lot more complicated than that.) If you are currently dealing with a deployed spouse then you get to think badly of me if you want, but that's the only group to whom I'm giving a pass. (Insert winky smile here, guys. Don't take that too seriously.) And the thing is, it's just how we feel.

At our last base Jason was "away" a lot. I truly know how that feels. We were at our last base for just shy of eight years and spent a little more than four of those apart. It sucks, for sure. BUT. (And that is in capitals because it's a HUGE! "but.") At least when he was home, he was home. We never see him here because his hours are unpredictable and super long. We can't schedule anything because we don't get much warning for what is going on with him work-wise. That's scheduling anything from field trips with the kids to trips to see Europe (you know, since we're here and all) or even just family dinner every night. It's just a very difficult position and we've been dealing with it for such a long time. We were hoping that the next job would be...different. I can honestly tell you that I would rather he have a "regular" job where he has to deploy than to deal with what we've dealt with here. (Yes, I'm serious. Yes, he knows I feel that way. Yes, he feels the same.)

But it didn't work out the way we had hoped. So we're going to just deal because, really? What else can we do? We've been told that some of the more difficult aspects won't be quite as bad at the new location and we're keeping our fingers crossed that that's the case. And in the meantime, I have found some kick-ass places to visit while we're there. More on that later!

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