Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day Six: Roadtrips

I don't know about you, but this family loves a roadtrip. All six of us love to just get in the van and just GO! One of our favorite evening past times is getting in the van and driving. At each intersection we pick a random direction. The goal is just to end up somewhere we've never been and to see something we haven't seen. A couple weeks ago we did this and ended up in Saint Wendel, which is about 40 minutes away on the Autobahn. We didn't get there via the Autobahn. In fact, I doubt I could pick out the route we took to get there. It took quite a bit longer than 40 minutes; I can tell you that!

Having spent the past 7 years in Germany, we have seen quite a bit of the surrounding area through the above method, as well as longer (and slightly better planned) daytrips. We have enjoyed it, but we feel a little--uncomfortable sometimes. The truth is, we have seen more of Germany than we have of our own country. Yes, we're very familiar with the panhandle of Florida. We could even give you quite the tour of parts of North Carolina or Indiana; but we didn't travel that extensively while we were living there. If we were given the opportunity to go anywhere, we went to visit family. Period.

One of our goals when we return to the states is to see more of our own country. Living in California will give us some awesome travel opportunities in that we have never truly been west of the Mississippi. (We have both been to Hawaii, I have been to Alaska, and Jason spent some time in Washington state...but for all intents and purposes it's a new area.) We're already busy planning some serious camping trips and several roadtrips. It would be awesome if we could check off all 50 states at some point in our lives. I love the idea of making that a goal.

Do you and your family like to travel? What is your dream roadtrip? What are some places in the U.S. that you think EVERYONE should see?


  1. I love to travel. When we were little my parents would plan a vacation every winter and we always road tripped it. I have been to or through pretty much every state west and south of Iowa but not really any of the east coast states. (Except Florida, cuz we took that one road trip to FL)

  2. I love to travel! We took road trips all the time when I was little. Being and Army Brat I've lived all over the states. From Washington State, Texas, Oklahoma, Alabama, New York and several (well, many) other states! LOL! I think everyone should see Manhattan. That was one of those places where I stepped out of the car and felt like I was "home." I love Boston too!! But Seattle is also fun. The Grand Canyon is beautiful, of course. There are so many places and I hope you and your family find tons of fun things to do when you get back.

  3. If you put the two of us together we'd just about have every state accounted for! We've been in nearly every state east of the Mississippi...except the entire section above New York. (I've been to Maine once, but that's it.) I completely want to do a New England roadtrip during autumn. I know it's not very original, but I would love it!

  4. Jason is itching to get to the Grand Canyon. He can't wait! I would love to go to NYC at some point just to say that I've been. (Well, to more than just the airport. I've been through, not to.)

    My dad and I took a trip to Florida when I was a senior in high school. I instantly felt "at home" there. (Which is funny because that is exactly where Jason and I ended up stationed for nearly 8 years!) Also, I really feel at home in the Smokey Mountains area. It's so pretty!

  5. Hi,
    I get how you feel awkward possibly having seen more of Germany than of the US....I am German living in the US and I believe I have seen more of the US than of Germany. Maybe I was taking it just a little for granted. I guess ideally, we'll get stationed again over there.



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