Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Three: Favorite TV Program

Living in Europe for nearly seven years has impeded our ability to stay completely on top of television programs (at least in a timely manner), but I think we've done okay anyway. Thank goodness for today's technology our we'd be stuck in a massive Pop Culture black hole.

As with anything, I can't really pick just one favorite. So here's a little list:

Jason and I both love home improvement shows. If we had to pick a type of show to call our favorite, this might be it. Anything with a do-it-yourself approach? Yeah, we're all over that. We have owned one home and while we were ready to give up that particular house when the time came, we are really looking forward to the freedom living in a house of our own again. We'll probably always be in the middle of some project or another when the time comes.

Dexter: The serial killer show, not the cartoon. I adore this show and have been watching it since the first season. (Thank you, Danny!) I would be lying if I said that Michael C. Hall wasn't a huge part of why I love the show. Shh! Don't tell Jason. I have every intention of reading the book which the show is based after; I just have to remember to order it. I hope it doesn't mess up the series for me. Hm...maybe I don't want to read it.

Big Love: I have no idea why I love this show so. I talk a lot through the show (sorry, baby) because some of the ideas are so crazy to me. A man with three wives?! Is he glutton for punishment? A wife who shares her husband with other women?! Is she super secure or a complete loon? All kidding aside, I find the idea of polygamy interesting in that it is so different from what I believe is right for me. (Did anyone read the story about polygamy in The National Geographic a couple months ago? I enjoyed that too!)

True Blood: Yes, I have succumbed to the vampire madness. I blame Melanie. She sucked me into the damn Twilight series and then followed it up with the Sookie Stackhouse books. THEN it was all, "You have to watch True Blood!" (Just kidding, Meme!) I actually like that the show doesn't really follow the books; I have no more idea what is going to happen than Jason does, even though I have read the books.

I just realized that these are all cable tv shows. I'm boycotting most network TV because they keep canceling the shows I like. Jason and I think that having us as fans for a show is the kiss of death. Firefly, Jericho, and October Road were all super popular in this house and then BAM! They went away. Firefly got a movie to wrap things up, Jericho got an extra half season...but we'll never know who the real father was on October Road! Boooo! Hiss!

Which reminds me of one of the things I am looking forward to when we get back to the states! I miss Maury! "You are NOT the father!" Those are the freakin' best! I can't wait.

What shows do you like? Do you have a "guilty pleasure" television show? What kind of show gets your interest?


  1. Mom in High HeelsJune 16, 2010 at 3:53 AM

    You are absolutely right about the Pop Culture time warp. When we lived here from 97-99 AFN was at least a year or two behind in tv shows. When we moved back to the States it was like we had been on the moon.
    Now we watch all our favorite shows the day after they air in the States. Yay for technology! Here are some of our favorite:





    Project Runway (even dh watches this)

    Design Star (Dh really likes this one)

    Modern Family

  2. LMAO!!!! The Maury part is hilarious!!

    You sound like my kind of girl with Firefly, Dexter and True Blood. We aren't really television people so I only watch shows once they come out on DVD usually. So I'm always a season or two behind. And I don't have the excuse of living overseas. LOL!

    I think I might have to do this 30 Days of Me thing after all. I love reading yours! I'm still thinking about it...

  3. Oh those are good ones!!! Castle is awesome. Glee is the BEST!! Project Runway is fun and Modern Family is freaking hilarious!!!! I haven't watched any of the others though.

  4. Wow I make an appearance two days in a row I feel special... LOL Im glad to know I have made a positive impact on your favorites....

  5. Is it bad that I have NO idea what Glee is? I keep hearing references to it, but I'm clueless. I like Castle, too. It's got my Firefly guy in it. lol

  6. Ha ha...I miss me some Maury. Every time my husband goes TDY back to the states he calls me while it's on so that I can hear Maury's voice saying, "You are NOT the father!" Yes, we are sad. ;)

    The 30 Days of Me thing is actually pretty fun. Give it a try!

  7. Yeah, but it's a good thing that there isn't a "favorite purse" day. Jason probably doesn't need a reminder of the whole Vera Bradley trend...LOL! (By the way, have you seen the beach towels and flip flops at the BX? lol)

  8. MilitarydutystationsJune 19, 2010 at 2:56 PM

    Vampires are EVERYWHERE nowadays. But it's just a fad I guess. The moment "Twilight" has been out on dvd or a while, it'll die down and be replaced by something else. Maybe elves!

  9. I think elves would have had to break into the picture right after Lord of the Rings in order to become the next "it" thing. Maybe we're cycling back into aliens. It'll be interesting to see what comes next.



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