Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Settling In

Well I did not mean to disappear again. We've even had internet this whole time so I can't blame that! Here's what happened:

Our unaccompanied baggage was delivered! (Ha ha--doesn't he look thrilled?)

The day we moved in we called to schedule the date and the woman said they could deliver it the very next day. We were very happy with that--and then she called back and said that they could deliver it that afternoon! Can you believe it?! So we have had at least a little unpacking to do. Our real shipment arrives this week--and we just found out that our van is in port! All we have to do is drive out to San Francisco to pick it up.

Things are definitely coming together!


  1. Moving is WAY over rated in my book. -- I am so over this entire process! Unfortunately we are not done YET either! good luck unpacking! For me it has gone a lot slower then packing. That is for sure.

  2. Yay! Don't worry about the disappearing act. We know you are dealing with just a little bit of stuff right now. ;-)



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