Thursday, October 14, 2010

happy 2nd birthday, izzy!

For my sweet Isaac,

I've had you in my life for two years now. Two years since your sweet face poked over the top of that curtain and lodged in my heart. It is such a painful joy to watch you grow, knowing that each of your firsts are our last first everything. Our last first smile. Our last first laugh. Our last first step. Every day with you is such a gift. My deepest wish for your father and I is that we never take a single one for granted.

But my wishes for you are many. I hope that you continue to be blessed with such a wonderful curiosity in the world around you.

The independence and confidence to stand firm, alone when necessary, in your beliefs.

The ability to balance all facets of your life.

The focus and determination necessary to get the job done.

The courage to make waves, tempered with an awareness of the effect your actions have on others.

Thank you for every single day, Izzy. Momma loves you.

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