Monday, October 18, 2010

suggestions appreciated!

I'm looking for ideas on little things to do instead of eating.

(That is sooooo freaking embarrassing to write out. Oh well.)

I really have trouble with evening snacking. Honestly, it's just ugly. I've never been a super-healthy eater but I didn't really start with the evening snacking until partway through our time in Germany. Between that and having two more babies I ended up gaining a whole lot of weight over there. Enough that I was a little afraid to get into the airplane coming home. It turned out okay, but I was really afraid I was not going to fit into the seat.

(This blog entry is not getting any easier to write.)

The sort of things I have thought of so far are: writing a blog entry (duh), painting my nails, putting lotion on my skin...and then I just kind of lose it. I need things that keep my hands busy (reading is not going to cut it, in other words). I suppose I could try cross-stitching (ugh) or knitting again but there has to be something more interesting. Right? Oh please--tell me there is something more interesting!

Please help a girl out. If you have any ideas please leave them in the comments, e-mail them to me [a(dot)calm(dot)crazy(at)googlemail(dot)com], or write out your own list on your own blog and get me the link in either manner already mentioned. I don't mind the idea of learning something new so feel free to add any weird or unusual hobbies that you might have. I would really, really appreciate it!

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