Sunday, November 7, 2010

changes, they are a-comin'!

First things first. Just a few hours after I posted my award post, I got another one! And it was the same award! This award came from another Air Force spouse, Anastasia at Wild Blue Wonders. She's a new blogger (just started about a month ago), but is doing a great job establishing her voice. I really enjoyed reading and I hope you will too. Head on over there and check her out. Thanks again, Anastasia, for thinking of me!

Now. A few administrative notes, as we begin the week:

Pardon my dust!
I am making some changes to the layout and design of the blog this week. The current design served its purpose very well, but it's time! I've already done a bit of the design planning and I'm very happy with the way it is going. (It's not all fancy or anything; it's just more in tune with where we are now.) I'm hoping to have the bulk of the change done by Thursday, so if you want to stop by and give me some feedback I would love you forever! In that same vein, please excuse any mess I might make of the place between now and then. I just barely know what I'm doing. And that is probably overstating things just a tad.

New (and hopefully improved) programming!
I have wanted, for quite some time, to get this space of mine a little more organized. This blog is never going to be narrowed down to just one thing, but I would like to concentrate on some of my main areas of interest. I feel like I've been a little--scattered lately. Moreso than usual, in fact. So the plan is to get some kind of (loose, very loose!) schedule going on here. Again, I have a plan coming along. Won't you join me in keeping my fingers crossed? I'm really hoping I can get everything done that I want.

Suggestions appreciated!
I would ask that if there is anything that you particularly like about this space (or something that you particularly don't) that you let me know in some fashion. Comments, e-mails, phone calls, or Facebook messages (um, those last two would be aimed at those of you I know in "real" life, obviously) are all welcome. If there is something you'd like more of, let me know. If there's something you'd like less of, let me know. Is there something you'd like me to address that I haven't? I'm always looking for ideas concerning what to write.

And that is pretty much it for now. Thank you to the new readers I have picked up over the past few weeks. I hope that you will all stick around and give me a chance to know you. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone, so please! E-mail or comment and let me know a little about yourself. If you have a blog, send me the link! I would love to come see where you live on the web too.

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  1. Please let me know if you see anything off. I'm mostly done but I'm planning to put pictures of the six of us over in the sidebar. I'm going to try to take some decent ones this weekend and then edit them on Picnic to put our names and stuff on them. But seriously...let me know if you have any suggestions at all! Thanks!



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