Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Christmas Miracle for Olga

For several weeks now I have been reading Patti's blog 'A Perfect Lily'. Patti is the mother of ten (!!!) wonderful children and her youngest--Lily--was born with Down Syndrome. The blog is full of pictures of beautiful Lily and the letters that Patti writes to her. I keep having to rewrite this paragraph because I'm using the word "beautiful" too much...but it's the word I always think when I see Lily or read Patti's letters.

Through this blog I have learned about an organization called 'Reece's Rainbow'. (Friends and family might recognize that as I've already posted about it on my Facebook page.) RR is an organization acting as a voice for disabled children in countries where they have none. In many countries around the world, DS babies are given up at birth. The live in an orphanage for a time but, at the age of 5, are sent away to live the rest of their lives in an institution. They will know the comfort of home. They will never have the love of a family. RR helps American and Canadian families adopt these children. They assist with the paperwork and help secure financial grants to bring down the cost of adoption. There are approximately 350 children listed through the organization and it is possible to donate directly into one child's fund. (There is a button in the sidebar over there ----------> that takes you to their "Child of the Week" page.)

Patti has taken up a challenge that comes from her heart to help rescue one of these children. She posted a giveaway last week and with her blog readers has brought Olga's adoption fund from $78 to $10,200. The giveaway is still going on and Patti is calling on everyone to continue to spread the word for Olga. For all the children. Please head over and see what it's all about. I can guarantee you that you won't come back from that site with a dry eye.

If you can spare some money, please go donate. If you can't, add these kids to your prayers. And spread the word. Somewhere out there, Olga has parents. They are waiting for her and hoping for her and wishing her home--they just haven't found her yet. Maybe you know them. Maybe your mother's best friend's second cousin's hairdresser knows them. There's no way to know the path this connection will travel. I'm sure it's going to end up being quite a story.


There is a giveaway involved, but you will not find me listed in the comments. I'm not doing this to win any prize. This organization has managed to snag my heart and I'm spreading the word because I'm compelled to. We honestly cannot donate any money right now (the move completely wiped us out; I'm not even joking) but I can do this. Please, please help spread the word.

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