Monday, December 27, 2010

Resolutions, 2011-Style

When I was younger I was Little Miss Resolution. I mean, every year I had a list like you would not even believe: lose weight (this was before I needed to, of course), get a boyfriend, lose a boyfriend (um, those two are obviously pre-Jason), read "x" number of books, get my hair permed, start cussing (yes, really), and I'm sure I could go on. The result? Other than the book thing (reading is practically an addiction for me) I didn't do so hot.

(Okay, okay. I may have eventually picked up the cussing, much to my present-day dismay. I'm trying to quit, though. Don't hold it against me.)

Nowadays, I am not a big fan of resolutions. I eventually tired of the failure that comes along with New Year's resolutions and I just stopped making them. I have to say, I have not regretted it. There is something liberating about starting up the New Year with your slate nice and clean but with no expectations looming over your head. It's nice and I recommend that everyone do that at least once.

I have started shifting how I live, though. The past two years have seen me consciously deciding to live my life in a more goal-oriented manner. That is why I do things like the 101 Things in 1001 Days project. This may not be the case for everyone, but life as an adult can be somewhat overwhelming for me at times; I need projects, goals, and focus. It helps me!

Several weeks ago, Anastasia over at Wild Blue Wonders wrote a post about resolutions that I found intriguing. The idea is to choose one small but achievable goal for each month and then get it done. Anastasia's goals run the gambit; she's listed everything from cleaning the garage to getting messy with the kids (I think that one is my favorite!) to keeping her clean laundry from piling up. How freakin' simple is that? Instead of one clean slate for the year, you get 12! I love it. So I think I'm going to join her! Here are my monthly resolutions for 2011:

January: Write two snail mail letters a week.
February: Try one NEW recipe every week.
March: Check off three 101/1001 projects.
April: Walk at least one mile for every single day.
May: Pick a room or closet. Organize completely.
June: Take one weekend trip to somewhere new.
July: Take the kids camping.
August: Check off three 101/1001 projects.
September: Go hiking once a week.
October: Make kids' Halloween costumes.
November: Finish Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving.
December: Put together an end of the year picture CD.

I might change a couple of these if I am struck by the inspiration bug, but I'm pretty happy with my list. If this idea appeals to you as it did to me, head over to Anastasia's and let her know. I'm sure she would love to hear it.

Do you "do" resolutions? Share 'em if you got 'em!


  1. Nope-- I never have, and like you say-- it just sets me up for failure. I do however really love your list this year and the way you set it up monthly!

  2. I love that list!! They are wonderful and easy to do things!



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