Monday, January 10, 2011

Much Ado About Not All that Much

I don't know about you guys but I need a weekend to recover from my weekend. I am exhausted.

While we did get to drive up into the mountains to check out some snow, we spent most of Friday taking down our Christmas ornaments. Man, oh man! What a mess. I spent the better part of three days just looking at everything that needed to be done, completely overwhelmed at the thought of getting into it all. Is it just me or does that stuff multiply when you aren't looking? I don't remember there being that many decorations when we were getting it out back in November. I can tell you one thing: my house is about ten times bigger now.

We spent all day Saturday dealing with an ant invasion. When the cold weather first started up we noticed that we had a few "friends" in our master bath. A couple of times we noticed that there were a few more than normal so we laid out some ant trap thingies for them. (We normally do the natural barrier thing with baby powder but they were coming in the air vent so that wasn't really possible.) We figured that as it grew colder, the ants would do whatever it is that ants do in the cold (Hibernate? I've never given it much thought.) and we wouldn't have to mess with them anymore.

Oh my. How wrong we were! On Saturday there were tens of ants in the bathroom. I mean, like 80 or 90 of them. It was disgusting. That wasn't all, either! The ants had crawled out of the bathroom and into our "dressing area". There were another 100-150 hanging out in our linen closet. They really liked our rolled up towels and there was something in Jason's toiletry kit that must be the ant equivalent of cat nip. I was so upset!

We have figured out that there is an ant hill under our bathroom because the heat pump is directly under the bathroom. The ants like the warmth there and they (apparently) have access to our bathroom through the air vents. Wonderful!

Like I said, we usually try the natural approach...but this called for drastic measures and we went out and bought ant poison. Sorry, people. I can't deal with what was going on in there. It's been over 24 hours and there are still ants creeping out and dying in the middle of the floor. I feel bad but, ew! Ants! Everywhere!!!

On a positive note, I have the cleanest bathroom on the planet right now, all the towels in the house are freshly washed, and my linen closet is the most organized it's been since we moved into the house. So, you know, there's that anyway.


  1. Our back yard gets infested with FIRE ants... OUCH NO going outside without socks and shoes...

  2. I'm really hoping we can keep them out on our own but I will totally call an exterminator if we keep having trouble. I seriously can't deal with what was going on in that room this weekend. It was horrible.



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