Friday, January 28, 2011

When Do You Blog?

After a very long time of sporadic posting, I have finally fallen into a blogging rhythm. This has helped me cross #87 off my 101 list (yay!) and I am pretty pleased with myself. I am hoping this continues, but our family schedule is about to change so I'm a little concerned!

For the past several months I have been blogging at night (after the kids are in bed) and scheduling my posts. I am usually three to five days ahead of schedule, meaning that when Monday's post publishes I usually have written up to Wednesday and sometimes up to Friday. I want to keep that going--in fact, I would like to be two weeks ahead--but I'm losing my best writing time when Jason's schedule changes. (I love blogging, but I love Jason more. I'll totally be ditching the late night sessions to spend time with him!)

Quick side note: If you didn't know that scheduling was possible or hadn't considered it, in Blogger you click on that "Post Options" hyperlink to the left of the labels field. Change the post date and time to whatever suits you and then hit publish. That's it. Another thing I do is "schedule" my posts in progress for 2020. That keeps the things I am currently working on up at the top of the list and keeps me from having to search from them. For the record, I didn't come up with either of those things on my own; I'm not that smart. I stole those ideas from other bloggers who were lovely enough to share them with those of us who prefer to do things the hard way. I'm not organized enough to remember who they were, though. Oops!

At any rate, now that I have to go back to daytime blogging, I am looking for tips and tricks. Or, if you want, just share where you write, how you come up with your ideas, or the things you struggle with. Maybe you can get a tip or two yourself!

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