Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birthday Request

Today is my birthday. If you give me about five minutes, I can probably tell you how old I am...but there's no guarantee it will be the right answer. I spent half of the year I was 22 telling everyone I was 23. I am one of those people who truly does believe that age is only a number, nothing more. I did not care the year I turned 30; I don't see myself freaking out over 40 either.

I do, however, tease my husband mercilessly about being "so much" older than me. But see, it's so much fun to watch him squirm! (And, for the record, he's only 2.5 years older than me. Not such a big deal--just don't tell him I told you that!)

Anyway! For my birthday, what I would really like is questions from you. Is there something you've always wondered but never took the time to ask? Is there something you think every time you see this blog pop up on your reader but have never shared? Or, is there some random silly question that is in your head right now simply because I asked if you had a question?

Ask me! Serious, silly, random, controversial, personal, deep, or inane: I don't care! (Well, okay...personal is one thing; mean-spirited is another. Please be nice!) Ask me in the comments to this post or by e-mail (there's a direct link to my e-mail in the right-hand column). Family and friends can also ask me via FB. That's all I want for my birthday: questions from you guys!

I promise to do--at the least--a post of answers. It would tickle me silly to get enough questions of varying types to prompt several posts but I'm not greedy. I'll take whatever I get.

Oh, yeah. I'll save you one question. This is my 34th birthday! (And I am sure that I'm right this time!)

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  1. Well, you asked for it ... Happy Birthday

    How many brothers and sister do you have?
    If you could do anything in the world once all the kids are in school, what would it be?
    Dream Vacation?
    Favorite thing about yourself and each member of your family?
    10 things you're looking forward to this year
    5 books you would recommend to others
    a few songs you like

    and finally, the one I'm dying to know. What's it like having a teenager? How has your role changed as Sam has gotten older and what's your relationship with him like right now.

    Inquiring minds want to know, I told you ... you asked for it! Multiple Q post to your hearts content :)



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