Sunday, April 17, 2011

What We're Doing: A Picture Post

We're in the middle of spring break, prepping for a small family vacation, and getting ready for Jason to switch back to night shift. Because I don't want my friends Danny or Melanie to beat me the next time we see either of them, I thought I would post a few pictures of what we've been up to lately.

Having lazy bath nights in momma's beloved double sink.

Sink Bath

Baseball. Lots and lots of baseball.

Pirate Jake

Letting the little guys have fun with paints. Outside.


Having picnic lunches at the lake.

Picnic at Lake

Drinking German wine--that we found at a local Big Box store.

German Wine

Feeling very American with the first ever Sno-cones for the little ones. And even more baseball.

First Sno-cones

Triumphing over our nuisance arachnid neighbor. We've been trying to evict that thing from our garage since we moved here!

Black Widow

Roadtrippin' with Fiona. She's an awesome driver.

Miss Fiona

Watching the moon rise. (And wishing for a better camera.)


What kinds of things have you been doing in your neck of the woods?


  1. your psychic! I just got through telling myself, ok I'm checking Calm Crazy one more time then I'm getting snarky if I have no crack....I mean update :)

  2. I've missed your posts! Looks like you are enjoying yourselves, and that spider gave me the heeby jeebies!

  3. Love this post!! I've been missing you guys myself. Thanks for letting us in on what's happening in your world

  4. The kids: Too Cute! Having a double sink must be a blessing! I have to put one in the shower while the other one is bathing in the kitchen sink (oldest is 4, youngest is 1). LOL!

    And that spider...OMG!!!! EW! YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have goosebumps!

  5. Ok so I saw mini family vacation road trip to Texas isn't really mini lol

  6. Well that explains all the nervous energy I had. I just knew someone was getting ready to give me grief. ;)

  7. Thanks, Katie! We are, and that spider was hideous! Jason has been chasing that thing around the garage for the better part of 6 months. Now we're just hoping that there aren't any more. lol

  8. We're just trying to enjoy this last little bit of day shift. Not looking forward to the shift. Man, it would be nice if there was a way to balance out the perks of days (get to see Jason) with the perks of nights (I get tons of time to myself) without any of the negatives. Since that isn't possible, I guess I will just try to enjoy each thing as it comes. :)

  9. This is our first house ever with a double sink and I LOVE it. The sinks in Germany were way tiny and I never did sink baths there, but the boys are loving them here. And so is my lazy butt. Ha!

    And yes. The spider was less than wonderful, for sure!

  10. Oh, Me-me. I wish. I'll fill you in on the vacation in a bit. :)

  11. Oh I love the pictures!! I can't believe your kids fit in the sink!! LOL!!!

  12. Thanks! Ha ha! I don't know that Zander truly does fit in the sink--but the first time he saw Izzy up there he just had to do it too. They don't splash as badly as I would have guessed, so it's a nice break from a tub bath every once in awhile. ;)



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