Friday, November 6, 2009

time to whine about the big move

This post is mostly for the family and friends who have been asking us where we're going next. And when we're getting there. It's a big old whine fest, guys. You've been warned.

For months we have been waiting for the overseas assignment list to come out. November 4th was the release date for Jason's assignment cycle...and there was nothing on it. Let me rephrase that: there was nothing good on it.

For his job and the rank he can work with there was a grand total of 10 jobs. That would be awesome -- if they weren't all to South Korea.

I've been telling friends and family for awhile that there is a part of me that hoped there wouldn't be anything on the list. We have enjoyed our time in Germany, don't get me wrong. But we've been living on foreign soil for over six years. We'll be at seven by the time we leave here. That is a long time, my friends. So while there are some very good reasons for us to stay at an overseas location there is a part of me that has been rooting for nothing we "wanted" to be on that list.

I should have been more specific in my desires because now I'm worried. Jason's career field is small to begin with. He's starting to hit the point now where there are even fewer due to rank. So when I tell you that there are 10 (!) job openings within his assignment window...well, I start to get concerned. It's rare for someone to get pulled from an overseas duty location straight into a remote but it's not unheard of. The simple fact is, although Jason has over 4 1/2 years worth of deployment time under his belt, it was all from 2003 and earlier. And he has not done a remote assignment. Considering how they rack-and-stack the list, it may not be enough that we've been overseas for seven years.

The only thing that could have made this move more complicated than it is going to be anyway is for us to have to go in two separate locations. I am so not pleased.

Jason is being far more practical about it. He keeps reassuring me that things will be fine. I know that he's right. Whatever happens we will deal with it. I know that we're going to be fine no matter what comes down the pipe. We'll deal with it because we have to. That's just what you do when you are a military family. But I think I'm allowed to freak out a little long as I get over it soon.

Some of my stress comes from the fact that as much as I was hoping that there wouldn't be anything available for him on this list, it would have been a relief if there had been. People picked up from this list will know where they are going by mid-December. The stateside list doesn't come out until April. So it's going to be five months before we even see where we have a possibility of going. The assignments from that list aren't released until a month later. So we'll be finding out in mid-May where we'll be moving in (more than likely) July. Getting everything scheduled is going to be a pain and a half.

Anyway. Wish us luck. And if you are someone who knows me in real life...well, you might want to avoid bringing this topic up for awhile!

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