Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Familiar Comfort vs. the Exciting Unknown

So I haven't mentioned our move in awhile, right? It's that time again.

Not too long ago I posted that we were going to try to go back home. I have spent the past few weeks looking up information on when school starts, getting numbers for area realtors, the times for the local Farmer's Markets, and any amount of other information that you want to know when you first move into an area. It turns out that for every ten things I know about the area from living there for so long, there are a million things I didn't know. Great things that would make it so fun to show up and explore.


Yeah. There's always that dirty little three-lettered word, huh?

Jason has recently been presented with an opportunity that is very hard to pass up. It's not a shoe-in possibility, but it's a pretty good one nevertheless. It's to an area we are both familiar with to varying degrees but to which we have never been together. It's very family-friendly. The schools are nice. The homes are nice. We could even potentially see ourselves living there for the long haul. It is also a four-year controlled tour. That would make it our last duty station for certain. We would not have that same guarantee if we went to Florida and it gives this second location quite the edge as far as I am concerned.

Making this next duty station our last has a number of positives attached to it but one that is high up in our consciousness is that Sam is only a little over a year away from starting high school. It would be nice to give him all four years in the same school, with the same kids. If we enjoyed it enough to stay (and I really, really think we would) we could also give the younger kids a headstart into their new "civilian" life. Jake could possibly attend school with the same kids for nine years. Zander and Izzy could get the whole she-bang. I find that possibility nearly breath-taking. It's barely within my ability to grasp, honestly.

In coming to the decision we brought in some of our family and friends as sounding boards (please don't out me, guys!) but I'm not going to share here. I'm afraid I'll jinx it, as ridiculous as that sounds. There is still the possibility that we will end up at a location that is not of our choosing at all and I guess I'm just afraid to want what I want too openly. After all, it's not like we really have any say where we go. We can let everyone know what we want but that doesn't even come close to meaning that we'll get it!

Ever been afraid that if you wanted something too openly that you wouldn't get it? Feel free to share!


  1. Yes I get nervous about sharing that I want to have another baby sometimes because I am afraid I want it so bad it wont happen. And afraid that if I say it out loud it won't happen. *shudders*

  2. I hear ya about the doing research...finding homes, neighborhoods, etc. then getting the notice that, "ha ha, just kidding".

    I also completely understand that you want to respect the power of wishing and give it its due.

    By the way...how DO you keep an idiot in suspense? That's right...you'll tell us next time! DOH! You're killin' me!

    P.S. I completely feel for the previous poster, as well.

  3. Mama Cass, I actually know exactly what you mean as difficult as that may be to believe about someone with four kids. I'm pulling for you that things will work out soon.

    Sarah, I don't think I would take it as well if someone were to tell me that we weren't moving after all. lol I may not know where we're going just yet but I'm relieved to be fairly certain that we *are* going somewhere!

  4. I personally prefer not having a choice. It gives me an out. If I didn't choose it and I hate it, I can complain about it. If I love it, well...the military is the greatest for sending us to such an awesome place. If I have a choice, I'm always second-guessing that I made the right choice. We have a strong dislike of this place and I wonder if our other choice would've been any better. Probably not but there's always that little voice that wonders...especially since we aren't happy with this area.

    As for you...y'all were "home" for 7 years before getting out of there because you wanted out right? So chances are pretty good that you'll end up staying there for at least 4 years...if not longer. It sounds like both options are acceptable to you both so that's good and if you get sent to a hole...you'll have awesome stuff to blog about! lol Keeping my fingers crossed you get what you want...unlike us! :o)

  5. Terri, I have to agree with you on that. Sometimes it is easier to not have a choice for all the reasons that you listed. lol

    We would be ecstatic to get either location, for sure. The list of pros is loooong in either case and the cons are small and unimportant. The biggest worry I have is that we've not been stationed at a hole yet...I'm just afraid our luck is going to run out! It will be a relief to just know. KWIM?



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