Saturday, March 13, 2010

LotW: E & G

At the end of my last college term we got a little behind. In order to catch up I paired a letter that Zander was pretty familiar with ("E") with a letter that he has a little more trouble with ("G"). As you will see, we concentrated a little more on the G.

Jason made Zander a breakfast featuring his two letters of the week: Egg sandwich and Grapes! He wasn't too sure about the egg sandwich.

We painted a picture of the "Earth" for letter E. The fact that this is the planet where we currently live was a little over Zander's head. When he saw the planet view of Earth he immediately launched into a story about how we were going to get there on a space ship. At first I tried to explain but in the end I just went with it. I think we can approach Astronomy a little later on.

One day we made a Ghost snack using whipped cream and cookie decorations. This should have been a huge hit...but Zander apparently doesn't like whipped cream. Oops. That's okay. He still had fun playing in it.

Here is our big project for the week. We made a "Green Gator" out of an empty egg carton, green paint, some construction paper, and a few split peas. This was a HUGE hit with Zander. Family and friends might remember his "snap" cake from last year; he's a huge alligator/crocodile fan.

I like projects that help work on fine motor skills. Zander did a great job setting the peas into the glue dots I made for him.

Here is the finished project. I think it is so cute! Zander really loved it and it didn't take very long to finish. Definitely a great project for "G" (or "A" or "C")!

Our next "Letter of the Week" installment will be on the letters F and H.


  1. I love the gator, what a cute idea! You are so creative with your projects! And I'm with Zander on the whipped cream..something my hubby still doesn't understand. Looks fun, though!

    Also, get that pedometer out yet? ;-)

  2. Thank you! :) And I got the pedometer out yesterday. The results were not so very good. Much room for improvement! lol



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