Saturday, March 27, 2010

LotW: F & H

We put the letters "F" and "H" together in order to stay on schedule. (Which worked, but now we're back off schedule. Oh well.) We did not do a whole lot for letter "H" but "F" turned out to be a lot of fun.

Our biggest project for "H" was decorating a heart ornament. We did a lot of talking about hearts and houses. He did a great job tracing his "H" page. It's the first time he's really done the letter page on his own so that was nice. Here are a couple pictures of Zander decorating his heart. He had the most fun because his daddy got to help him do this one.

Moving on to "F." A few weeks ago I found some little football-shaped foil cake pans. They were on sale after the Super Bowl so I got a great deal on them. (Side note: I wish I had thought to put "F" week for the week leading up to the Super Bowl. I made a note to myself to remember that for next year!) One box of cake mix filled up four of the cake pans.

Here is Zander getting ready to help out with the mixer. This is the first time that he's been willing to hold the mixer while it was on and it was hysterical! I took a video of him doing the mixing. Throughout the whole thing you hear the mixer, Zander giggling, and me saying "Leave it in the bowl...Leave it in the bowl...Leave it in the bowl." I had mental images of a chocolate-splattered kitchen; look at those mischievous eyes and tell me you wouldn't have been concerned too!

Zander filled the cake pans up using a measuring cup. He did a really great job (which translates into "minimal mess") and managed to put off licking the measuring cup until he was all the way done. (Side note: Yes, I realize that there are raw eggs in that. We live dangerously here in the CalmCrazy house.)

We put some chocolate icing on top (because there can never be enough chocolate, you know) and then let him put the "lacings" on top with some white icing. (We just used a plastic sandwich bag with a corner cut off since I don't have any of them there fancy cake decorating tools.) Can you guess which one I did? And yes, he got to eat the icing left in the baggie. We're also complete nutcases around here.

I label the week a success. We learned a couple new letters and ate some cake. Life is good.


  1. Hi Amanda! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I always love hearing from other military spouses, especially when they're also AF wives :) I love the projects you do with your kids, you're giving me great ideas for things to do with my little one!

  2. Thank you! :) I added you into my blog reader so I'm sure you'll hear from me again. lol

  3. Thanks for stopping by Casa Hice and leaving such a lovely comment. LOVE the football cakes! Awesome!

  4. Oh Zander you did such a good job. Amanda I really wish I had your spunk and motivation. Izzy will have such a good time when its his turn to do the ABC's

  5. He had so much fun, Melanie. It was too funny to watch him. We've been trying to get Izzy involved here and there but so far he's content to just watch. I figure he'll really get into it this fall--just in time for Zander to be in pre-school! lol

    I wish I could be as outgoing as you and get the boys involved in a ton of extracurricular activities. We all have our strengths, right? ;)



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