Friday, March 26, 2010

Dear So and So: A Little Bit of Everything

Dear Self,

Hi! Me again. Just wanted to let you know that you linked up to an old Dear So and So entry on the last MckLinky. Brilliant work, dear.




Dear Jason,

Can I just tell you how unbelievably happy I am that we are nearly done with this place? I will miss Germany, to be sure; I will not miss the politics of your current work environment or the 70+ hour work weeks. I will not miss having you in a situation where you get to see your kids for 20 minutes a night, 6 nights a week if you're lucky. I pray that we find you a place where you can be home when you're home. I never would have thought that something would be harder than having you gone 6 months out of every year...but this has been.

Missing You,



Dear Zander,

Being sprawled out in the middle of the yard with you was the highlight of my week. I loved exploring our little patch of grass, digging under it and finding out what lived there. It was fun to see how you concentrated on that little bitty spider hanging from that single blade of grass. The story you told me about the ant that lived in the flower we found will stay with me always. I'm sorry we couldn't "catch" one of the ants with a stick. Maybe we'll get a close up look next time.




Dear Facebook Friends,

I understand that we are all very passionate about our politics and that we all have the right to think and say and write whatever we want. I do. But here's the thing. Your status updates show up on my feed. (I think it is stupid to "friend" someone and then hide their feed. I mean, c'mon.) When you post something hateful about something that I believe, it's going to irritate me. I do believe that there are more tactful ways to go about sharing your political views. Super inflammatory posts don't make you look witty; they show just how intolerant you are to the views expressed by others. Also? When your argument devolves into, "If you don't agree with this then you are stupid/racist/bigoted/fill-in-nastiness-of-your-choice-here" my eyes are going to glaze over. At that point, you have lost the debate.

A Little Disgusted,



Dear Country,

I love you. It saddens me to know that I am coming back to a home so divided over so many basic things. Why can't you see that when others believe differently it isn't necessarily because they are wrong, it's that they have different priorities? Political issues are rarely right or wrong. It's all a question of balance. I fear for the direction of this country but it's not because we are going left or's because we are splitting.

Sad for us all,

An American Citizen


Dear Readers,

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  1. Oh I hate when people write things on Facebook acting like everyone would agree with them. It's one thing to say, "This is what I believe" and another to attack the other side. It makes me sad because it is the one thing that bugs me about Facebook.

  2. Sighing right along with you RE: Dear Facebook and Dear Country.

    It's a very sad thing indeed.

    Awesome Dear So and So's!

  3. I so agree with you about the facebook comments and the state of the country being divided. I sadly had to "unfriend" several friends because of the hateful messages they were posting and I had enough. And the country is looking more and more like it is at war with ITSELF! It's like we are battling each other. It's so sad.

    And I know what you mean about the long hours. My husband does the same. He works from 4:30 AM to 6:30 PM 6 or 7 days a week. We went 17 weeks without him having a day off until he finally got a 4 day weekend for thanksgiving last year. It's horrible because when he gets home at 7 or 7:30 at night, he only has a half hour to spend with the kiddo before its bedtime. And then he always falls asleep on the couch by 8:30. It is no way to live. :( When will you be done? We have another 3 years. *sigh*

  4. I know what you mean. The other day I posted a status much to the effect of, "You are free to say what you want, but if you expect to be taken seriously please stop throwing around insults." I had someone who got upset and argued with me that the horribly insulting and hateful things he said were OK, because he felt that way, and the other side does it, too. I was just like...yes, both sides do it. Both sides are dumb when they do it. It's not a partisan issue. I'm sorry if I have ever offended you, but at least I TRY not to!

    *sigh* The last line of your dear America is perfect. Can we all please grow up and try to work together?

  5. Exactly! It just makes me so sad to see these people go completely rabid because someone disagrees with them. I really think it is just that people have developed the "I'm right" mentality, which automatically makes everyone else wrong. I just don't see it that way. I really do think that political views are formed by priorities. Some people think that education is more important, some place more emphasis on defense. (Of course, you can insert any number of other possibilities in there.) Neither view is wrong; they are just different! It irritates me so to see either side hurl insults (or threats) at the other. It's so unnecessary.

  6. We will be done here in July. We've been here for almost 7 years and it's been like this for pretty much the whole time, although it is much worse now than it has ever been. We're so burnt out. We are very, very hopeful that our next location will be different.

    Jason falls asleep on the couch too. He's just exhausted. I feel so bad for him. :(

  7. I really think the people throwing the insults around are in the minority; it's just that they are so loud that they are drowning out all the reasonable discussion. And I definitely agree that it is not a partisan issue--both sides are equally guilty and equally stupid for doing it.

    I love a good debate. If anything is written out and presented in an intelligent and respectful manner I am all over it. It never bothers me to just be disagreed with. I just can't stand to see it devolve into nastiness.

  8. Thabk you for stopping by at my blog. :)
    Facebook IS a thing of it's own.
    But I found out that I can block certain people from being able to see a certain status update.
    But I wouldn't insult anybody on there. :)

  9. I could not agree more about the facebook thing. Drives me insane.

    Those long hours sound awful. Glad to hear it is coming to an end soon.

    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!

  10. Good thing your time is drawing near. Where will you go in July? do you know yet?

    We are supposed to be going back home to Colorado. I so hope so.



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