Monday, March 29, 2010

Things We Will Miss: Blumen Fields

In the spirit of finding my balance, I have a little project that I am going to do here on the blog for the next couple of months. I feel like I have spent a little too much time this week complaining about living here. The truth is, Germany has been very good to us and there are many things we will miss! In addition to keeping me from focusing on the negative, I think it will give you some insight into all the reasons we have enjoyed living here.

First up, because it is just that time of year, are the blumen fields located all over the place. (Side Note: Blumen means "flower" in German, which just kind of makes sense if you think about it.) Blumen fields are areas where farmers plant all different sorts of flowers. Some of the more popular flowers are tulips, gladioli, iris(es?), sunflowers, but there are many more too. As the different flowers start blooming you can just go out and pick whichever ones you want. There is a money can and price list located on the outskirts of the field and you just put your money into the can. Pretty simple, right? The fields also make for great, colorful places to take pictures.

These first few photos are from May 2005. This field usually has tulips in it except, of course, for last year! We want to get some cute photos of Zander and Izzy with some tulips so that we can put all the photos into one display group. Hopefully we can find a place to get some great ones soon. (Sam is 8 in these pictures and Jake is just shy of 4.)

This set of pictures is from August 2007. (Sam was 10, Jake had just turned six, and Zander had just turned one.)

As you can see here, blumen fields aren't just good for pictures! They are also great for exploring, old school style.

I love these fields for so many reasons and I am definitely going to miss them when we get back to the states. I am so thankful that I have one more season to appreciate them.


  1. With Easter just around the corner...I miss the Easter Markets!!! Hope you're planning on going to a few before it's too late!!!

  2. Honestly, it's not on the list. I am glad we went the one year but the eggs just aren't my thing. We do have a couple little things coming up though. ;)

  3. Beautiful! Did you ever make it to Amsterdam?

  4. Not yet. I'm not 100% sure that we'll make it there before we leave but it's on the short list. :)



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