Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nearly.There...No, Really. For Real!

You know, it's not lack of material that is keeping me from posting; it's lack of time! I keep thinking I'm going to break through to the "other side" of this move and I'm not even sure what I think that means!

Household goods have arrived and (so far) there is only minor, annoying damage to our property. A broken glass, a broken vase, some shattered picture frames, and various small chips and scratches to our furniture. It could have been worse. We do have quite a few boxes left though and most of them have breakables in them. I've got my fingers crossed that all the really important stuff made it in one piece.

Unpacking is not going near as fast as I would like. We went to San Francisco to pick up our van the day after our household good arrived and I think we lost some momentum with that trip. We returned home and just--well, we're just not working real fast. I know we'll get there; it's just taking longer than I would have expected!

Side note: Driving through San Francisco during rush hour? Not such a great idea. I do not recommend that at all!

Our truck has also arrived but we have to drive all the way down to Long Beach to pick it up. That will happen this week. And that will mark the last real hurtle of this PCS! All items present and accounted for, all paperwork completed and filled in. With today's payday it even appears that Jason's pay is squared away already. How often does that happen this quickly?!

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