Tuesday, October 12, 2010

take a deep breath in...

...And let it out. Doesn't that feel nice?

The past couple of months have been CRAZY. Moving to Germany was pretty nuts, but coming home has been even nuttier. And, to be completely honest, I'm not even sure why that is! I supposed that some of it may be the lack of schedule. When we moved to Germany Jason went in to work almost immediately. He technically had 10 days of house-hunting leave but work nabbed him for almost half of those days. We pretty much just got dumped into "real life" from the get-go. It sucked, but we were forced to form our "new normal" pretty quickly.

Coming home has been very, very different! We have been here in California for nearly six weeks and today is Jason's first real day at work. Yes, he has had to go in for some in-processing and to do a few things here or there but this is the first "real" day of work. We have had time to find our home, get our household goods, unpack (for the most part), pick up both vehicles, and get to know the area. It has been--awesome.

The flip side to all that wonderful time together has been that the boys and I have not sunk into a routine yet. Not that we're really a "routine" kind of family anyway, but our days usually work themselves out into some sort of natural rhythm. We don't even have a normal wake-up time yet! Our meal times are still off, naps are hit and miss, and household chores? Yeah...please don't unexpectedly stop by my house anytime soon. Neither one of us will be very impressed with how that turns out.

I have some picture posts to share soon (this is a beautiful area!) and a few "Um, wow! We're not in Germany anymore" posts as well. It has been an interesting transition to be sure! I'm sad that Jason had to go back to work but I'm looking forward to starting into a routined existence once again. It's been four months since the two little guys had any kind of real schedule. I'd say we are over-due!

How about you? Ever made a big change that caused your family routine to be disrupted? For you military folks, what was your hardest move?

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  1. Moving back to the US has been such a huge process for us. We are actually going to be moving again in March but just to a new house here. I think once that is done I will finally feel settled here. This year has been crazy but glad we are back in the US. Can't wait to read more about your transition to the US :)



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