Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ranting and Raving

Remember back when I said that finance had our money all correct and fixed? Remember how shocked and thrilled I was? Yeah.

A few days after I wrote that post, finance suddenly realized that our COLA hadn't stopped on time. (I still don't understand how that was the case because I saw our bank account but whatever. Jason and some finance guy went over it and that's the final call.) Starting at the beginning of November, Jason's pay was low due to this mix up. I highly recommend having a pay issue right after a move. It's very fun. If you can manage, make sure it's right before the holidays too. That's a freakin' blast. Of course, it's not worth throwing a fit over because it happens all the stinkin' time to practically everybody when they move, especially when said move involves flying over an ocean. Right? (So why am I? Keep reading. It will become clear.)

So we dealt. And really, it wasn't like it was the end of the world. Bills were paid and everybody was fed so we're still doing very well, especially when we looked around us and considered the economy. Christmas was a little tight this year but the kids have too much crap anyway so that was almost a blessing. (I'm really not kidding there. I see more small Christmases in our future.) Yeah, we were sweating a little at the end of every paycheck (something that we haven't had to do in a long, long time) but we had enough and things were going to be fixed as soon as Jason's pay straightened out.

At the end of November, a vehicle in front of Jason kicked a rock into the windshield of the truck. The small chink in the glass swiftly turned into a crack that goes all the way across. Insurance covers it, but there is a deductible. We put off fixing it until the beginning of January. Then we got our gas bill. (Sigh.)

Sometime in the middle of January a vehicle in front of us kicked a rock into the windshield of the van. The small chink in the glass has crept about halfway up the glass. Another deductible to deal with but now we're dealing with birthdays. So we put it off until after the 1 Feb paycheck.

(Can I add here that we have never, in 15+ years, had a cracked windshield. Two within two months?! Good grief.)

Jason got a notice at work that week stating that he had an unpaid balance on his government card. WTH?! No way. We checked that sucker after his travel voucher was paid to make sure there was a zero balance. And there was! We were good. Apparently something went through very late (very, very late) and we didn't get the bill. (You know how they don't send you a bill when there's no balance on that thing? Yeah, that might be a stupid idea on their part. We weren't expecting a bill so when none came...well, everything was as it should be.) (And, oh! We got the late notice in the mail two days ago--and the bills for November and December today. Good times.)

Now Jason's truck is making the most God-awful noise on the planet. There are a bunch of things it could be, ranging in cost anywhere between $300 to $6500 and most of them require not driving it until it's fixed. (Good-bye tax return and all of the fun things you were going to represent! And good-bye freedom for mom as we're down to one vehicle until said fixing happens.) Oh! And, of course, we have to take it to the mechanic and pay $100 just to have him tell us what is wrong with it.

Oh, people. Really? I'm so freakin' tired.

Let this be a lesson to those of you who are getting ready to move. Save, save, save. We had a huge nest egg for this move and we still got bit in the butt. You can never have too much. That's all I'm saying.

We're still fine but it's frustrating to be at this "treading water" place. It's been a good long while since we had to do that and I hate it! I have projects I want to start and would like to replenish the savings. None of that can happen until these little waves quit hitting us.

Also? I'll try to rant with less parenthesis next time. Sorry.

Military readers: How on earth does one make money on a move? I've heard of this phenomenon but have never seen it in action. Nobody I know in real life can do it either--with the exception of the join spouse couples. Educate me, oh wise ones! I'm freakin' clueless. Civilian readers: How on earth do you finance a move? So much of this one came out of pocket but we didn't pay for anywhere near most of it. I can't imagine having to foot the whole bill.

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  1. We bought a brand new van last year and got a chip in the windshield within a few days. I don't think that we had to pay a deductible though. Do you have USAA? We have another chip now, but I've been putting it off for the past couple of months. Thanks for reminding me to get it done. :)

    Moving is usually expensive, but we actually made money this last time. Maybe it's because it was such a long move (Alaska to Georgia). First of all, we did a full-service DITY move. I had never heard of it before. It is where the military pays you what they would normally pay the movers (based on your weight) and then you hire your own movers (and you can usually do it for much less than what they pay). We ended up pocketing thousands of dollars. The money is taxable though. Anyway, then we drove the entire way, so we got mileage and per diem for 7 people for about 3 or 4,000 miles. It was a very long trip and we made it into a vacation, visiting family and friends and National Parks along the way.

    I'm fully expecting that our next move to El Paso will not be profitable.



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