Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another Award!

I got another award! This one is the "Stylish Blogger Award", which I am assuming has to do with the style of the blog--because nobody would ever accuse me of actually being stylish. Unless t-shirts, blue jeans, and chenille socks are suddenly the "it" thing on the runway? No? Yeah, I didn't think so.


Anyway! This award comes from Jess at Just a Girl Named Jess. Jess has a great blog over there, please go check her out! Thank you, Jess.

So the rules on this award are that I have to share seven more facts about myself (I know y'all are thrilled!) and then award it to 15 people. I will do my best.

1. Remember that meal that I burned last week? Well, I tried the recipe out again and it turned out pretty well. Turns out that the recipe needs quite a bit more liquid than it calls for. I had to add in nearly 2 more cups of chicken broth in order for it to cook correctly. In my opinion? This means that it wasn't my fault that the first one burned. Hush. Yes it does.

2. In our living room right now we have a futon, a loveseat, and one of those papasan/moon chair things. In other words, it looks kinda like a college dorm room. Our family room? Has nothing but a card table and chairs. We are seriously lacking in the furniture department!

3. I have only two photos of my 2-year-old printed out in the house. No, I'm not kidding. I quit printing out pictures after my grandma died; it hurt my feelings to even think of sending the pictures out to everyone when she was the ONLY one who ever got excited about them. Grandma's been gone for 32 months now. I really need to start printing them out again.

4. We have a deer that lives in our backyard. He's a six-point buck whom we've given the name "Beau". Sometimes he gets up in the middle of the night and walks around on our back porch. It wakes us up and, I have to admit, freaks us out. It sometimes wakes Izzy up too; that just pisses me off. (I am dead serious about the deer. Cross my heart and hope to die.)

5. Our driveway is currently covered in about 2 inches of leaves. We should probably do something about that this weekend. On a similar note, what exactly does one do with 25 pounds of deer poop? Just curious.

6. I had absolutely no intention of ever becoming a stay-at-home-mom. None whatsoever. It has been over seven years since I have been employed outside the home and I don't plan to go back to work until Izzy is in school. (That is another three to four years for those who are new.) I wouldn't trade a minute of the last seven years and am absolutely shocked to be enjoying myself.

7. I still have not started decorating for Christmas like I wanted; however, we have put away all the Halloween decorations! I think we'll end up waiting to put up the Christmas decoration the day after Thanksgiving. That's when we usually do it anyway.

Okay, now to hand out the award to others. I'm going to try to spread the love around a little. Here we go!

3. Stephanie @ The Blue Zoo
5. Anastasia @ Wild Blue Wonders
7. Melissa @ This Crazy Life
8. Lora @ My Camo Kids
9. Penny @ I Could Be Fake

Okay, that's the best I can do. (Hey, 15 is a LOT!) And, because I'm insanely shy, I won't be telling any of you that you received this award. Either you'll see it when you read or you'll follow some random hit back here and find out who one of your lurkers is. (Hi! Yeah, I read you and just never have anything witty enough to say in your comments. But you rock!) I know that some of you don't post these. I don't care; I'm just sending people your way because I enjoy your blog.

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  1. Thank you for the Award! I like your new background by the way!



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